Translated by Giovanna Riccio

discover tulips
growing in their bellies,
marvel each morning at their shades and hues,
notice sun beams on stems
and eavesdrop on neighborhood chatter
seeking names to fit.
Late at night they consider
sourcing heat-resistant bulbs.

Whenever darkness overtakes the sky
and we others pause to wonder
if again it will rain
frogs and locusts
with eyes half-closed, they sense the garden
knowing that this too will pass.

Whenever we others
lift hopeful eyes
to catch a glimpse of beauty
they simply outstretch a hand.

Whenever we others
step out on a journey
they loosen laces
and barefoot step
into vibrant flowerbeds.

When in time, like all things
tulip season fades
they rest and wait
as waiting too will pass.

When like all things
all things too
have passed
their eyes half-closed
they think of tulips.


Published by Les écrit in 2017.